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I believe that teaching effectiveness is heightened when a teacher brings three specific qualities to their teaching practice:  Theoretical mastery of the subject matter; current experience in applying and practicing theory in the field; and a knowledge and affinity (dare I say love) for students and their aspirations.  I believe I bring these three qualities to bear in my practice.


I have maintained a small private practice since beginning my career.  As an active Social Work practitioner, I am privileged and challenged to be constantly in the laboratory of applying theory to practice.  This has been a valuable part of my teaching practice.  Having recent and relevant field examples helps to inspire students and gives them the opportunity to interrogate the relationship between theory and practice with someone who is in active practice.

Interns & Associates:  From early in my career, I regularly provided training and supervision to health and human service interns.  In the spring of 2013 I returned to this practice of taking on interns and in the summer of 2013 took on the first of several associates.  Though each intern and associate comes to my practice through a unique personal and professional relationship with me, in general the principle purposes of these associations are educational, professional and relational rather than financial.  Interns join my practice as a requirement of an accredited academic programme or for a period of self-organized professional development.  Associates join me as credentialed, private practitioners who wish to develop their practice in relationship with me and others, rather than in isolation.

If you are interested in a professional association contact me directly by email expressing your interest.


Biographies of past and present interns and associates can be found HERE. 


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