Press Links (2014-2016)

  • 2016/10/18:  In this CBC article and audio we discuss diversity versus regionalism and how systemic racism has reached the highest levels of our Justice system:







  • 2016/05/24:  A Maclean's article in which the most recent court case involving a cultural assessment of an African Nova Scotian offender is discussed: 




  • 2016/05/13:  A CTV news story in which I discuss cultural assessments and their use in the criminal justice system after the courts allowed one to be included in the sentencing report of a high-profile murder case:







  • 2015/09/18:  This article by Michael Lightstone featured in the Chronicle Herald discussed a panel in which I addressed members of the Nova Scotia Branch of the Canadian Bar Association and the public.  The topic was increasing diversity among members of the judiciary in Canada:  





  • 2015/08/06:  A media release issued by our colleagues at South House which articulates our concerns about the proposed ammendments to the Children and Family Services Act:






  • 2014/11/10:  Here, Halifax Magazine featured the work of Ceasefire.  I currently support their work and was involved in their earlier planning:

  • 2014/08/14:  I wrote this article published in The Coast.  I offer some perspective on ways the justice system has failed African Nova Scotians and a discussion of where the criminalization of black communities is rooted:  



  • 2014/08/07:  Sherri Borden Colley of the Chronicle Herald discusses the Metro Care and Share Society project that Mel Boutilier, Dennis Graves, and myself reactivated after it closed some time ago:



  • 2014/06/09:  This article by Sherri Borden-Colley featured the story of one of the men of ManTalk and reviewed the work that we are doing.  It made the first page of the Chronicle Herald: 






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