Press Links (2007-2012)

  • 2013/05/09:  ​This article by Chronicle Herald reporters Frances Willick and David Jackson describes some of the conflicts that arose when the Nova Scotia Government appointed me to develop the terms of reference for a restorative inquiry into abuse at the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children:

  • 2010/12/01:  An article from Hillary Bain Lindsay and audio recording of a panel I took part in where we discussed homophobia in the Nova Scotian black community: 



  • 2007/06/28:  This CTV article authored by the Canadian Press outlines some of my work as head of Youth Strategy and Services--a provincial effort focused on the needs of children and youth.




  • 2007/04/27:  This press release from the Department of Community Services announced my appointment as Executive Director of Youth Strategy and Services following the Nunn Commission:

  • 2013/10/31:  David Jackson of the Chronicle Herald outlines the announcement that cases of abuse at the Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children would be the subject of a public inquiry:      home-probe-to-proceed

  • 2013/09/17:  An article by David Jackson featured in the Chronicle Herald that describes the development of demand for a public inquiry into abuses suffered by former residents of the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children:



  • 2013/07/17:  ​Eva Hoare with the Chronicle Herald outlines some of the intricacies we encountered while trying to reconcile restorative and civil justice approaches in the Nova Scotia Home for Colored Children inquiry:



  • 2013/06/26:  An article by Eva Hoare where she describes the development of different perspectives on restorative justice in relation to abuses at the Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children:



  • 2013/05/13:  The intersection of race and victimization is discussed by Marilla Stephenson of the Chronicle Herald in this article.  It came as I was appointed to lead a provincial panel to probe abuses at the Nova Scotia Home for Coloured Children:









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